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We did that.

When my daughter was fifteen months she was going through a small sleep regression. For a few nights she would stand in her crib and scream her head off. This was out of the ordinary, she has been the best sleeper since she was tiny and I like to think my husband and I had […]

Post Pandemic Bucket List – Suburb Edition

I think about ‘next summer’ a lot. Hoping each outing isn’t a contemplated decision where I need to remember every individual I came in contact with on any given day in case they need to be alerted of possible COVID exposure. I can’t wait for a time where I don’t need to justify every in-person […]

Sour Patch Kid

My toddler is laying down across my lap as I sit cross legged on the floor prepared to do my best animal noises as we read the same book for the thirtieth time. Unprovoked, and no warning provided she bites my thigh so hard, I’m certain an immediate bruise will appear. In my head, I’m […]